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Starting blog posts!

I'm starting an area to post updates for what is taking place in the shop! I have a lot of plans and hopes for what I'll be able to do this year, and I'd like to share the adventure!

I'm looking forward to going to the US national show and getting a chance to meet some of my new friends in person! I've met so many really great people, mostly over Instagram, that have really helped me and some of the kindest and most patient people I've ever met.

I'm hoping my wonderful husband will build a larger kiln for me, so I can take my work to another level. Bigger pots are much more difficult to make, but they are my favorite. It took me a couple of years to successfully make large pieces, but my favorite bonsai trees are a bit larger, so I was determined to figure out how to make pots for them. Now I'm making pots up to 20" and only stopped there because any bigger won't fit in my kiln.

My current kiln is electric and the new one would be a reduction kiln which can make different colors and effects than what I've gotten in the electric kiln, so it can really change my work. There are way too many bonsai pot ideas and experiments that I want to try over the summer even if the new kiln doesn't happen this year.

This will be my first full year of making pottery full time and I couldn't be more excited and ready to rock and roll!