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Custom Bonsai Pots

Looking for a specific pot for your bonsai tree? I accept custom orders for pots too!


I generally don't charge anything up front for a custom piece if the pot is something that can be sold in my shop if you choose not to purchase it when it is complete. Everyone has their own style, and I don't want to have you paying for something that doesn't fit your own personal style, so there's no pressure to buy. You only pay if you like it when it is all finished.


I can make pots that are up to 19" at their longest width, and I am especially good with oval shaped lotus pots (there are usually a few on the website for an example). I have a variety of glaze colors available, so if you have an idea the type of glaze you would like, I can send you photos for options. Check out the gallery to see some some previously made pots for ideas.


The process of making a pot is a long one. It usually takes 1-2 months from start to finish. Most of that time is allowing the clay to dry out before it goes into the kiln. If it doesn't dry out enough it will explode in the kiln, and if it dries too fast it will crack. It's best not to rush these things, so it's good that bonsai people are well practiced in patience. Just make sure you order with enough time before planting season!


All of the bonsai pots that I make are high fired to cone 10 (2350 degrees F). This is to make sure that they will survive icy winters along with your trees if you live up in a place that gets cold winters like me. 


Please be aware that when firing to such crazy high temperatures, there are rare occasions that things go wrong. There could be impurities or some foreign object that gets in the clay or in the glaze causing a defect, or a breakage in the kiln. Kiln malfunctions can happen. An air bubble can trap water and cause the piece to explode. I'm vigilant with my practices and have a  very high success rate with even the largest pots, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong with the ceramic arts. This is another reason that I do not take payment ahead of time. 


The prices for a custom piece are around the same as any pot in my shop. I do not charge extra for the 'custom' nature of the piece. If you would like to get a quote, just email me with the size and style of the pot you are looking for and I will get back to you with a price. 


Feel free to email me with any questions you still may have, or to have me start working on a custom pot for you!